Who we are

    “Globerta” is an experienced, modern and energetic team.

    We teamed up in 2008. The first jobs we did were website creation projects. We are still working on these types of projects today. Our activity in England began in 2010 and we began working in Norway in 2011. We have been working on iOs and Android platforms for several years and we have created several large internal company systems on the joint basis of web, Android and iOs platforms. Because our customers trust and recommend us, the number of orders we have received has been increasing and our team has been growing on a continual basis. We have expanded the services we provide: we now also create internet advertisements and offer text writing services to our customers.


    What we do


    • We can design logos, mobile applications, websites, or even the entire brand style of your company;
    • We program, develop and administer representation websites, e-shops and mobile applications;
    • We create nonstandard individual web solutions;
    • We offer internet advertising services.

    Our goal is to offer services which meet the desires and needs of each and every customer.
    Our greatest joy is a happy customer, who finds solutions he/she has not even thought of with our help.
    Our slogan: Everything is easy with us!

  • The “Karsten Moholt” Company contacted “Globerta” to order an individual reporting system. While taking our requirements and wishes into account, “Globerta” created the system on the web basis and the mobile application for iOs and Android systems. It was really nice to work with Director Tomas and his team because they offered the assistance required at the right time and the work process was really fluid. We are glad to see that “Globerta” implemented the project very professionally and qualitatively. Our Company decided to continue cooperating with “Globerta” for developing the project and creating new applications.

    Giedrė Malinauskaitė, Karsten Moholt AS


  • I am really satisfied with “Globerta”s work. They finished creating my webpage quickly and in an orderly fashion. Also, I have received a lot of useful advice from employees and Director Tomas Eidukevičius.

    Ricardas Lape,


  • I was really glad to work with Tomas Eidukevičius and “Globerta”! The Pål J Kahrs AS architect website needed changes and we wanted to show what defines us best (architecture, design and business) there. We had a clear idea of the functionality and design of the new website that we wanted, and the result achieved together with “Globerta” surpassed all our expectations. Tomas and his team demonstrated the enthusiasm, creativity, academic competence and know-how that were required in order to realize the assigned task. Their solutions helped to develop a product we are really satisfied with. I am happy with their kind manner when communicating with us. The work was done in tune with our changing needs and at the agreed price. We can truly recommend cooperation with Tomas and “Globerta”!

    Pål Kahrs J Arkitekter AS


  • “Globerta” designed my website and I am really satisfied with their work. The employees finished the task professionally, quickly and competently. Therefore, I can recommend their services steadfastly.

    Lene Sollesnes,


  • I sent an inquiry to “Globerta” about the mobile application I had been working on, gave my requests, and we began a warm dialogue. The work was done quickly, effectively and professionally. I am really glad about our friendly communication during implementation of the project. I certainly do recommend “Globerta” to everyone!

    Daniel Eide


  • I was lucky to work with “Globerta”. I can resolutely state the experience was the best you can imagine. I contacted “Globerta” having just a basic idea for the website but with little understanding on how to realize it. The team explained to me in detail what I had to know. The specialists of “Globerta” fulfilled all my requests and answered the questions I had. The result was 100 percent the way I had imagined before beginning to work with them. The terms were observed strictly and the communication occurred any time of the day. I certainly can and do recommend “Globerta” and its team.

    Linas Misevičius


  • Tomas is really attentive to details and has got many ideas which can be turned into reality. I am really satisfied with the website he created for me. I will also use his services in future to realize my new internet ideas.

    Audrius Chmeliovas,


    We are a youthfully energetic team of experienced professionals. We undertake large projects courageously, create individual and outstanding projects, and look for nonstandard solutions; however we do not reject small orders. We follow the principle that every customer is important, regardless of their size!


    Our work combines the experience of our long-standing employees as well as the talent and fresh ideas of new employees. We react to the different needs of our customers flexibly and quickly. Our customers are satisfied with our original ideas and the high quality and speed of our work.


    Currently, the team comprises of three programmers and one designer; we cooperate with various specialists in SEO, flash and in other specialized areas. As the number of orders is steadily increasing, we are always on the look-out for talented and professional employees. For more information, visit the Career section.

    We offer a job for a talented person who is always seeking for self - development oppurtunities in IT programming:

    - Creating web - sites
    - Creating web - portals
    - Internet projects' programming

    We offer: direct remuneration in regard to tasks completed. At first as a freelancer, after trial period as a steady employee. In case of perspective employee - it is possible to employ a person for a permanent possition at first.

    - English language
    - Programming skills: PHP, javascript. Work with jQuery, mySQL.
    - Knoweledge of CSS/HTML

    CV and portfolio please send to:

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A logo of a company must distinguish the company from its competitors and reflect its activities and vision. Logos must be original but simple, easily memorized, and recognized, and easily adaptable for all media channels.

Our goal is to create the best logo for effectively passing along your message to your target audience.

If a customer learns of your company but cannot find it internet, it is unlikely that he/she will trust you in future. Therefore, each company simply has to have its own website nowadays. Getting a customer to visit your website again is equally important. Customers decide on whether to continue being interested in your company and your services or to leave your website within the first 8 seconds.

Our goal is to create a website design so that you are able to attract, engage and keep your customer. We will try to make your website visually attractive and convenient to browse. If you are still browsing our website right now, then we did a good job. We believe we will succeed in designing your website as well.

Brand style is the visiting card which gets a company recognized. It is an original and solid example of your company’s style, your services or your product. Having a matching logo, brand, slogan, attributes, advertisements, website, etc. are important in creating the image of your company and they must fade into a solid visual expression in terms of colours, graphic elements, fonts and composition.

Our goal is to help create a tasteful and exclusive style for your company− from A to Z.

We program ambitiously and everything. Programming is our routine. Our professional programmers will write a safe, convenient, functional and easily changeable program.

We can realize any of your wishes and will do it while concentrating on high quality.

The times when you had to hire a programmer to administrate your website are over. We work with the freeware (“Fork CMS), which is really simple to use. You will be able to upload and edit photos and text yourself quite easily.

Our goal is to create your website in a way that is as easy to administer as browsing social networks is.

jQuery is the JavaScript library that facilitates website creation and is easier to edit, simpler to adjust for SEO optimization, and quicker to be finished. The JavaScript technology helps achieve high-quality results at lower costs and within a shorter period of time.

Today, when a cell phone serves as a laptop, music player or GPS equipment for many people, one cannot survive without mobile applications.

We can create your webpage application for smart phones and tablets with either Apple or Android systems. We can help your customers reach you even more conveniently.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the fastest way to become visible in the internet. Having your company information listed among  one of the top positions in search engine results is extremely important for competing in business, so stop wasting your time and money looking for customers by phone or mail and let the customer find you him/herself.

We will help your customers find the shortest way to you.

Google AdWords is an effective and reasonably-priced advertisement that increases the flow of website visitors as well as your sales. Your advertisement will appear in the Google search system as soon as a user enters his/her request which match the keywords of your activity in the search tab.  Potential customers will click on your ad in order find out more about you and your services.

We will create a successful Google AdWords advertisement campaign for you and help you  attract even more customers to your website.

If oneness, emotion and impression are far more important than text to you, you definitely need flash. Animated graphic elements which match properly selected music and text will help you achieve the desired effects: to impress and attract. Currently, banners are the most popular and effective means of internet advertising, and if you add animation, audio and texts, your advertisements will become even more noticeable and effective. So let yourself advertise in a more interesting way.

We will create the internet advertisement or flash animation in any format or level of complexity for you, as we try to make it idiosyncratic and help you surprise your customer.

Contact us and we will help to grow your ideas

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